domingo, 27 de octubre de 2013

Študentska arena

During 22nd and 23rd of the October,  me and Busra attanded at 14th Študentska arena,  which is a tradicional event for students. To be recognized, to get new members, visitors, different organisations, formal and non-formal ptomoted their activities,also ŠKIS. We took photos of visitors, fairs and various activities which took place at Študentska arena.

miércoles, 23 de octubre de 2013

Arrival Training

Started for the volunteers that we are in Slovenia the arrival training, take place in the town of Bled, between days 14 and 18 of October. First of all, Bled is an amazing place, very nice and a charming space, almost magical. We are 27 volunteers from all over Europe, and we only have four days to get to know, time goes by so fast! The main objetive of the arrival training is to introduce the volunteers in a new country, Slovenia.
For me it was a very good experience, I have met many new people and it seems that after arrival my stay here will be more complete :)

lunes, 21 de octubre de 2013


On Saturday I was at the picnic which skis had planed, and i was taking some pictures, it was fun and helped me to meet many new people, but also to meet my co-workers outside of work. I really liked that organisation because it was in different place so it was nice ti be outside somewhere.

Networking it is  great to make new contacts, because you never know; when someone new showed up, that person can  help you in some way.