domingo, 27 de julio de 2014

Postojna Cave

On Monday, I went to Postojna Cave, it is the most famous cave in Slovenia. We visited the cave by train wich goes through it and there the guide showed us the Russian passage. It was built by Russian soldiers in the First World War. The Russian bridge was built by prisioners. In the cave there are different halls. There are two amaizing halls: the White hall and the Red hall. In the White hall all the stalactites and stalagmites are white because they are made of calcite. But in the Red hall the calcite is mix with iron and clay so the stones are red.
 The most beautiful 5 meters tall stalagmite is called Brilliant. It is famous because water pours down
on the stone and is always made of pure calcite, because of this it is so shiny.
The Postojna cave is also famous because of the Proteus, it is a neotenic animal that is called Human
Fish. The legend says that Human Fish looks like a small dragon. You can see this special aniaml at the end of the visit in the aquarium

After the cave, I visited the Predjama castle. it is close to the caves only 10km away. There you can
see the castle that was built in the wall of the hill. I havent have the chance to enter the castle since
it was closed.
Later we retourned to Ljubljana, it was a really nice day and I learned a lot.

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