jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2013


The ŠOLS meeting took place in Ljubljana at Vojkova ulica on 25th of September at 3 o´clock. At this meeting were presented different points that were discussed by all members of the Main Board and representatives of student clubs in Slovenia.
First of all, they confirmed the daily agenda and then they confirmed report of the last ŠOLS meeting. After that they talked about the purchase of new place for ŠKIS office.

ŠKIS activists presented the financial report of the last 3 months and project plan for Škisova tržnica in Maribor. Also, I will go to this project on 1st  of October. Heads of board presented their work in last 3 months and they talked about the change of the criteria that must be met by student clubs. A second member of ŠOS presidency presented what is happening at ŠOS - Student Organization of Slovenia. After each agenda point, the representatives voted and in this way expressed their agreement or disagreement.

Finally, I introduced myself to everybody and I talked about my project and my job at ŠKIS.

viernes, 20 de septiembre de 2013

My Hometown

I'm coming from Mérida, Extremadura, which is a little town at south of Spain, top of Sevilla and near to Portugal. Merida is a Roman city, the city was founded in 25 BC with the name Emerita Augusta by Emperor Octavian Augustus, and is famous for Roman buildings like the theater, circus, temples, bridges and aqueducts.
The Guadiana River through the city, dividing it in two parts. Actually, Merida have around 60.000 population, and it is a capital of Extremadura.
The most typical food in Extremadura is the ham, it is famous in Spanish for its high quality, and other popular food is acorn fruits, (želod) we make cakes and alcohol with this.
Mérida is a quiet, friendly city with many parks to walk, my favourite is the Aqueduct Park. You can see it here.

Main Board Meeting Impresions

Yesterday, I went to my first board meeting, I introduced myself to my coworkers and explained what is my job here: taking photos and videos, and designing some pictures for Škis events.
Main board has 9 members  with voting right.
The  work of the board meeting is to follow-up the work that is done by Škis boards, to follow finances, to control project. Also to be informed with all actual information.

My youth exchanges

I started my exchanges this summer in Torry, Italy, I began a course of Training EVS Mentor, for one week I lived with young people from all Europe and all cultures, I learned a lot of what is a EVS mentor and how to be a good mentor, but I learned about other cultures and open my mind also.
The objectives  of the training course were to deepen knowledge about and reflect upon the concept of mentoring, to connect personal experience of being a volunteer with the concept of mentoring, to overview the tasks of and EVS mentor and learn practical ideas, tools and methods to be able to carry out these tasks efficiently, to experiment with tools and methods which can be used by mentors, to deeply understand and explore the EVS framework seeing the restriction and posibilities inherent in the structure (EVS as a project as before-during-after, separating the role of the mentor and that of the other parties involved in an EVS project, priorities of the programme, inclusion issues, recognising key comptecenes, Youthpass, etc. To connect participants, creating a supporting "network of mentor".
Now, I am in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in a EVS project "What Youht Can Do?",  I have been here for three weeks and this is a total change in my life. This is a oportunity, because I can develop  myself  in a work environment that leads me to new frontiers of knowledge and learning for a better development for my work and personal life.
I will stay in Slovenia for one year, so, here all things are new for me, I have to learn  fast and set goals, and achieve them.

domingo, 15 de septiembre de 2013

Discovering Ljubljana

This is my second week in Ljubljana, till now I have already done many things, as at my EVS project also in im my free time. I visited many places and I am sure that there is a lot of more to discover in Ljubljana. The centre of Ljubljana is really spectacular and I believe there is a lot hidden charm of the city, I believe i will explore it during my staying here in Slovenia.

jueves, 12 de septiembre de 2013

Using public transport is a good choice!

This Monday was my first week in Slovenia, so president of our organisation decided to go with me to centre of Ljubljana by public bus. I have to tell that at ŠKIS association working only studnets and 95% of them are using public buses or BicikeLJ for a transport.

Short Movie - Books Fair

domingo, 8 de septiembre de 2013

»Sejem rabljenih učbenikov« or Second - hand book fair


My first week of EVS project and my first attandance at ŠKIS project...It happened this Friday and Saturday. I took a part in tradicional ŠKIS project Second-hand book fair. It started early in the morning and brought at the project area a lot of visitors – especially young people..also journalists came around. Second-hand book fair is intended for children and their parents, whose social status does not allow them to buy new textbooks and other school supplies, and to those who see no point in buying new books every year. It was a really good opportunity for me to integrate easily. I met a lot of new people and i also learn some Slovene words..So NASVIDENJE till the next post.                       

miércoles, 4 de septiembre de 2013

Hi all!


My name is David and I'm from Spain.

I'm in Slovenia as a EVS volunteer (European Volunteer Services) for one year, taking part in the project
What Youth Can Do?  until September 2014.

Meanwhile I will be attending different events and taking some photos and videos that way I will show projects and all the work at SKIS  association and local student clubs

                    You can follow all my work here  :)