viernes, 20 de septiembre de 2013

My Hometown

I'm coming from Mérida, Extremadura, which is a little town at south of Spain, top of Sevilla and near to Portugal. Merida is a Roman city, the city was founded in 25 BC with the name Emerita Augusta by Emperor Octavian Augustus, and is famous for Roman buildings like the theater, circus, temples, bridges and aqueducts.
The Guadiana River through the city, dividing it in two parts. Actually, Merida have around 60.000 population, and it is a capital of Extremadura.
The most typical food in Extremadura is the ham, it is famous in Spanish for its high quality, and other popular food is acorn fruits, (želod) we make cakes and alcohol with this.
Mérida is a quiet, friendly city with many parks to walk, my favourite is the Aqueduct Park. You can see it here.

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