jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2013


The ŠOLS meeting took place in Ljubljana at Vojkova ulica on 25th of September at 3 o´clock. At this meeting were presented different points that were discussed by all members of the Main Board and representatives of student clubs in Slovenia.
First of all, they confirmed the daily agenda and then they confirmed report of the last ŠOLS meeting. After that they talked about the purchase of new place for ŠKIS office.

ŠKIS activists presented the financial report of the last 3 months and project plan for Škisova tržnica in Maribor. Also, I will go to this project on 1st  of October. Heads of board presented their work in last 3 months and they talked about the change of the criteria that must be met by student clubs. A second member of ŠOS presidency presented what is happening at ŠOS - Student Organization of Slovenia. After each agenda point, the representatives voted and in this way expressed their agreement or disagreement.

Finally, I introduced myself to everybody and I talked about my project and my job at ŠKIS.

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